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2017 Global Trials - Revised August 1

2017 Law Trials Synopsis GLOBAL TRIALS (Northern Hemisphere effective July 1) 3.6 Uncontested Scrums (new section h) If uncontested scrums become necessary, the team that caused them will be playing short one player (see 3.6 (d) and USA regulations). The change requires that scrums consist of eight players from each team. 5.7 (e) Other Time regulations This section covers the end of the half or the game. The change is that if a mark, free kick or penalty kick has been awarded and time has expired, the non-offending team may kick to touch and the subsequent lineout will be given. 8  Advantage When there are multiple infringements by the same team, the referee may allow the captain of the non-offending team to choose the most advantageous of the penalty marks. 9.A.1 Point values  Penalty Try A penalty try is now worth seven points. No conversion kick is needed. 19 Touch There are several changes to sections of this Law that in combination will result in: " The definition of possession at the beginning of the Laws is changed so that a player attempting to control the ball is deemed to be in possession. This means that a player does not have to be in contact with the ball at the moment the player touches or crossed the touch line for the ball to be in touch. It resolves the issue of a player who is juggling the ball while crossing the touch line. " A player who jumps from the playing area to play a ball that has crossed the plane of the touch line may return the ball to play provided this is done before the player lands in touch. " A player in possession whose momentum carries him or her across the touch line may return the ball to play provided that is done before the ball or the player lands in touch. " A player who is in touch who catches or gathers a ball that has not reached the touch line is deemed to have brought the ball into touch. This applies whether the ball is stationary (current application) or moving (changed from current application). UPDATE A Clarification (5 of 2016) made it clear that this philosophy also applies to the dead ball line and to the try line. Omitted from the Clarification is the 22-meter line. My presumption is that this should also apply there. NEWLY APPROVED TRIALS (August 1, 2017) 15.4 (c) Tackler This section to be amended so that the tackler may only play the ball from his or her own side of the ball (after getting to feet). This means the tackler will need to do the same dance around to the correct side that the tackler assist has been doing all along. 16 Ruck Definition A ruck is formed when one player is on feet over the ball, creating offside lines. A player on feet may play the ball with hands as long as it is immediate and no opposing player has arrived. 16.4 Other Ruck Offenses A player must not kick the ball out of a ruck. The player can only hook it in a backwards motion. Sanction: Penalty Kick 20 Scrum There are several modifications " 20.5 Throwing in The scrum half will not get a signal from the referee to throw-in " 20.6 (d) The scrum half position The scrum half may align the left shoulder with the middle line of the scrum. The stated reason is to reduce pressure on the striking hooker, but in reality this is an acknowledgment that feeding cannot be controlled. " 20.8 (b) Once the ball has been thrown-in, any player in the front row may strike for the ball, and one player from the team that throws in must strike for the ball. Sanction: Free Kick. " 20.9 (b) Handling in the scrum (Exception) Allow the # 8 to pick the ball up from the feet of the 2nd rows. Sevens specific trial variations (in USA effective March 1) 5.1 Time Remove the provision of ten minute halves in tournament finals. 6.A.7 TMO If the TMO is consulted, that person makes the final decision. The protocol remains the same  act of scoring issues only. 13.2 Kickoff The restart kick after a score must be taken within 30 seconds from when a conversion has been taken or declined, or from the time a penalty goal or drop goal has been attempted. 19.8 Forming a lineout and 20.1 Forming a scrum Teams must form a lineout or scrum within 15 seconds of the time the referee has indicated the place. Sanction: Free Kick. 21 Penalty and Free Kicks Kicks must be taken within 30 seconds of being awarded. Sanction: scrum.