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Match Fees & Payments

This information last updated July 23, 2013

  • Match fee schedule
  • Tournament Fee Schedule
  • Billing and Payment
  • Why do clubs pay match fees to the Referee Society?
  • For all billing and payment questions, please contact the Society's Treasurer

    Match Fee Schedule

    The match fee for assigned referees is:

    for Clubs and Colleges: $125/match

    for the same referee assigned to a second match at same location, the charge is $75. Assignment to a second match must be confirmed with the referee and the Area Coordinator in advance.

    for High School/U19 clubs: $100/match

    for Assistant Referees:  $175 for a set of two (per match)

    •         Requests for match official(s) made within 10 days of the scheduled game may be billed at double the normal match fee (as listed above), if a match official(s) is assigned.

    Tournament Fee Schedule

    Tournament referee fees are calculated at a starting rate of $125 per assigned referee for a half day and $175 per assigned referee for a full day. These rates can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis by the Area Coordinator for the Host Club. For example, if accommodations and meals are provided a price reduction may be in order. Many members of the Society like to donate their services to their home club for a large tournament. The Society encourages this once per year per referee.

    Tournaments must be sanctioned by USA Rugby before referees can be assigned. This can be found at:

    Billing and Payment

    Invoices for each clubs referee fees are generated at the end of each season, around June 1 for the spring season and December 1 for the Summer/Fall season. Clubs are expected to make payments in advance of the next season. The deadline for payment is February 28 for fees due from the previous fall and August 1 for fees due from the previous spring season. Clubs with outstanding bills from the previous season who have not made payment or contacted the Treasurer to arrange payments by the deadline will be the lowest priority for referee assignment. Clubs with past due amounts older than for the previous spring or fall season will not have referees assigned.

    To see your clubs current invoice, a club officer with an account should log in to the website, select the club's "Club Management" link and then select "View Financial Statement" You will see a transaction ledger displaying your current balance and payment history. Next to each transaction ledger item is a link to either an invoice or a transaction record.

    Payments should be made payable to:

    New England Rugby Referees Society

    and mailed to

    Peter Lloyd-Evans, Treasurer
    New England Rugby Referees Society
    54 Richfield Road
    Arlington, MA 02474

    Club Treasurers: It is difficult for us to maintain contact information for all clubs, please be pro-active and contact the Treasurer to be sure your bills are paid so we can assign available referees to your matches.

    Why do clubs pay match fees to the Referee Society and membership fees to the Union?

    The New England Rugby Referees Society (NERRS) is a partner with but is not a part of the New England Rugby Football Union (NERFU). The Union helps clubs organize and participate in rugby, manages and directs competitions, establishes eligibility criteria and generally promotes and organizes the game of rugby in New England. The Referee Society provides match officials for games hosted by NERFU clubs.

    Match fees are the sole source of revenue for the Society (we are actively pursuing sponsorship, any suggestions are welcome - please contact the Society President!) Your match fees are used to support:

    • Reimbursement of referee expenses
    • Referee development (coaching, evaluation, exchanges, conferences)
    • Administrative costs

    Referees are volunteers. The Society does reimburse legitimate expense, but we do not get paid for our services. Many referees do not request reimbursement, but pay out of pocket so that more resources are available for referee development.