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Disciplinary Report for
Krieg Greco of Dartmouth
Match Date: 12 November 2016

Location: Hanover NH

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Tighthead Prop
Nature of Offense
Dangerous and reckless play

Teams and Results
Home:    Dartmouth College Score    105
Visitor:   Penn Score    0
Time into match of Incident:   37
Score at Time:   (H)  54   (V)   0
Offending-side Captain:  Hayden (last name unknown)
Opposing-side Captain:   David (last name unknown)
Weather and Field Conditions
Brisk and in high 50s, wonderful field

General Pattern of Play
Penn never adjusted to Dartmouth's 1-3-3-1 shape and had poor tackling to boot. The match's outcome wasn't in doubt after the first 5 minutes unfortunately.

Detailed Report of Incident
With the ball going to the left at a ruck, Mr. Greco who was on the right side of it lifted and backflipped his opponent over his back. Because I saw the Penn player fall on his back I felt a yellow card was appropriate. However at Halftime I consulted Sam Hoar who was on the touch line and Sam felt it merited a Red. I advised both Gavin Hickey, Head Coach and Hayden, Captain before the start of the 2nd Half that Mr. Greco was very lucky to be able to continue playing. They, to their credit, did not allow him to return after his 10 minutes were up.

  Bhuttu Mathews
Date Submitted:
  12 November 2016