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Disciplinary Report for
Kevin Schroeder of Charles River
Match Date: 15 April 2017

Location: Moakley Park

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Late hit

Teams and Results
Home:    Charles River Score    44
Visitor:   Portland Score    32
Time into match of Incident:   56
Score at Time:   (H)  22   (V)   27
Offending-side Captain:  Corey Lang
Opposing-side Captain:   Collin Talbot
Weather and Field Conditions
Sunny and 70, some wind.

Field was in normal Moakley condition...

General Pattern of Play
Physical, but open, by both teams.

Detailed Report of Incident
Portland was complaining that #12 on Charles River, Kevin Schroeder, had made a late hit earlier in the game (that I didn't see) and was being too cheeky throughout the match. A kickoff occurred after a Portland try. The kick was high in the air, the Portland player came down with the ball and passed it out quickly. After the Portland player had clearly released the pass, #12 on CR made a late hit. I blew play dead, but the hit caused a squabble to break out between the 2 teams. I thought I had separated the 2 sides, but I turned around and 1 Portland player was in the face of 3 CR players, and clearly did not like what was being said, and started throwing punches. I will write another report dealing with this offense. I gave #12 on CR, Kevin Schroeder a Yellow Card for his late hit. The Portland player was issued a Red Card.

  Matt Freund
Date Submitted:
  15 April 2017