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Disciplinary Report for
Kayne Bubb of Mystic River
Match Date: 13 May 2017

Location: Fort Adams Park, Newport, RI

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Racial Abuse.

Teams and Results
Home:    Mystic River Score    43
Visitor:   Worcester Score    5
Time into match of Incident:   37
Score at Time:   (H)  43   (V)   5
Offending-side Captain:  Jon Kokinda
Opposing-side Captain:   Greg Whelan
Weather and Field Conditions
Cold and windy. Pitch was firm and fast.

General Pattern of Play
The match was fast and while the point of contact was aggressive it was not played in a dangerous manner, and there had not been a pattern of foul play or ill will in the match.

Detailed Report of Incident
The match was entering the final few minutes, and Mystic River were attacking again. The match had effectively been decided by halftime as Mystic River had been very dominant. Mystic River had been approaching the Worcester goal line, Worcester had infringed five meters out, and when Mystic River were held up at the goal line I returned to the penalty on the five meter line.

Mystic River took the quick tap and passed the ball out wide to the left, and scored the final try of the match.

After the conversion attempt I returned to halfway for the restart kick, and I heard a lot of comments that the Worcester players were making to each other that indicated to me that something unpleasant had taken place in the prior phase of play. I called over my Assistant Referee Miles McIvor and asked him for his report.

Miles reported to me that after Mystic River had taken the quick tap and spread the ball away, which I had followed, there were two players in contact from the prior phase of play, Mystic River #8 (Kayne Bubb), and the Worcester winger (Paul Gathiga). He had seen the player's engaged in a scuffle, and then heard Mr Bubb call Mr Gathiga "you black cunt". Mr. Gathiga responded by asking if Mr. Bubb had just called him that, and Mr. Bubb responded "Yeah, what are you going to do about it?".

(This account has also been corroborated by Josh Silviera who was observing the match in his capacity as referee coach. The report from Josh was emailed to Mike Martin on 5/14/17, and this contains report of the same language being used, and also details more information about the scuffle prior to the use of racial abuse.)

Miles reported that the players were then separated, and Mr. Bubb was led away by members of his own team.

After Miles had given me this information I called over Jon Kokinda, the Mystic River captain, and asked him to bring over Mr Bubb. Mr Kokinda informed me that they had just replaced Mr Bubb. I asked him to identify the replacement player, he did so and I told him that the replacement player needed to leave the pitch, and asked him to send Mr. Bubb back on to the pitch to report to me.

I told Mr Bubb that I had received a report of racial abuse from my assistant referee, and that he was receiving a Red Card, which I then showed to him.

Mr Bubb did not dispute what had happened, but did say "Fair enough, but he kicked me". (that item is included in a separate report from Josh Silviera). Mr Bubb then left the pitch, and the match concluded with no further incidents from either team.

   Nick Priscott
Date Submitted:
  14 May 2017