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Disciplinary Report for
Kayne Bubb of Mystic
Match Date: 09 September 2017

Location: Malden

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Unsportsmanlike behavior. 10.4m

Teams and Results
Home:    Mystic River Score    64
Visitor:   Boston Score    15
Time into match of Incident:   70
Score at Time:   (H)  54   (V)   15
Offending-side Captain:  Nick
Opposing-side Captain:   Glenn
Weather and Field Conditions
Sunny with intermittent showers.

General Pattern of Play
Hard hitting, not a lot of counter rucking. Open field passing and open field kicking.

Detailed Report of Incident
With about 10minutes left in the match, Mystic kicked for territory from inside their own 22m with the ball landing in touch around Mystics own 10m line. Upon retreating to the line out I heard Boston number 8 and a what looked like a Mystic reserve player standing on the sideline having words with one another. When I turned around I recognized the mystic player in question to be Kayne Bubb. To defuse the situation, I called both Captains over and asked that the sidelines be cleared, having only the coaches inside the ropes. While everyone was being removed, Mr. Bubb continued to talk and swear. I walked down to where he was standing (near Mystics 22m) and removed him from the playing enclosure, sending him to the parking lot. Upon the request, Mr. Bubb refused to move at first, until I told him I would not restart the match until he was away from the playing enclosure. After hearing me say this, he turns around to me, looks at me, and responds with, "You're a piece of shit!". I called over the Mystic captain, and the Mystic head coach and told both of them that Mr. Bubb would be reported. The game was restarted with a line out and the game ended without incident.

  Pearce Mara
Date Submitted:
  13 September 2017