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Disciplinary Report for
Connor Jameson of New England College Men
Match Date: 14 October 2017

Location: NEC

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Repeated infringement team - offsides

Teams and Results
Home:    New England College Score    5
Visitor:   Notre Dame College Score    58
Time into match of Incident:   44
Score at Time:   (H)  0   (V)   41
Offending-side Captain:  Isiah
Opposing-side Captain:   Marcus
Weather and Field Conditions

General Pattern of Play
Notre Dame controlled the match from start to finish

Detailed Report of Incident
NEC players were tiring and committed several offside infractions during a passage of play that led to an NEC try scored with advantage. NEC captain was warned about repeated infringements by his team. Just two minutes later, NEC #7, Connor Jameson, was in front of the back foot at a tackle ruck. He then came forward and disrupted play. The whistle was blown and he was shown a yellow card.

  Peter Lloyd-Evans
Date Submitted:
  15 October 2017