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Disciplinary Report for
Knanyiso Nzimande of Brown
Match Date: 14 October 2017

Location: Brown

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Repeated team infringements (at the ruck)

Teams and Results
Home:    Brown University Score    27
Visitor:   Yale University Score    0
Time into match of Incident:   29
Score at Time:   (H)  7   (V)   0
Offending-side Captain:  Trevor- Center
Opposing-side Captain:   Charlie - Flanker
Weather and Field Conditions
Drizzling/rainy and high 60's. Slick and muddy conditions throughout the grass field.

General Pattern of Play
Yale liked to get the ball out wide and tended kick away possession in hopes of a kick and chase working while Brown kept ball in hand more and used their forwards to a greater extent.

Detailed Report of Incident
#6 was off his feet, over the ball, likely due to the slippery field conditions. This was his first penalty, but the 4th ruck penalty for Brown after I just had a chat with the captain about staying on their feet. When #6 returned there were no more penalties against him.

  Amelia Luciano
Date Submitted:
  16 October 2017