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Disciplinary Report for
Don Adie of Bentley University
Match Date: 28 October 2017

Location: Providence College

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
10.4(m) Acts Contrary To Good Sportsmanship

Teams and Results
Home:    Providence College Score    15
Visitor:   Bentley University Score    18
Time into match of Incident:   45
Score at Time:   (H)  12   (V)   12
Offending-side Captain:  
Opposing-side Captain:   
Weather and Field Conditions
Cool and brisk, blustery winds

Turf Field

General Pattern of Play
Good open field phases attacking towards Bentley's 22 meter line.

Detailed Report of Incident
Following a YC, the player began retreating to the sideline while he looked over his shoulder and swore loudly towards the referee. As I watched and began moving towards him I observed him punch a hardstand bench shelter twice and then kick several pieces of equipment on the sideline. I called the player back onto the field and showed him a red card and told him to leave the playing enclosure. The Bentley captain protested this issuance of a card arguing that the foul language was from the bench and not the player in question, but when I explained the actions I had observed he stated that he had not seen these behaviors and that he then agreed with the sanction.

  Bryan Stephey
Date Submitted:
  30 October 2017