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Disciplinary Report for
Shannon Morrissey of Portland
Match Date: 04 November 2017

Location: Hartford

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Kicking/stomping player at the bottom of the ruck.

Teams and Results
Home:    Hartford Wild Rose Score    36
Visitor:   Portland Women Score    17
Time into match of Incident:   53
Score at Time:   (H)  19   (V)   12
Offending-side Captain:  Beth Metts
Opposing-side Captain:   
Weather and Field Conditions
55degF, sunny, lite winds. Soft pitch conditions

General Pattern of Play
Lot's of pack centric pick and go, and pod style attack. Some open field attack was occasional.

Detailed Report of Incident
1st half was clean by both sides, but by and well into 2nd half both sides were skirting the line of foul play in various scenarios. This stomping event was reminiscent of the "old days" of letting the tackler know they are killing the ball by not rolling away and I did not observe specific malice. Regardless of whether it was legal once upon a time is irrelevant. I didn't believe a mere penalty would have driven home the severity of the infraction and a warning was issued pre-match concerning foul play.

  Crist Holveck
Date Submitted:
  04 November 2017