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Disciplinary Report for
Theodore Sklanka of New London
Match Date: 11 November 2017

Location: New London

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
High/dangerous tackle

Teams and Results
Home:    New London County Score    6
Visitor:   Boston Maccabi Score    61
Time into match of Incident:   27
Score at Time:   (H)  0   (V)   21
Offending-side Captain:  Will Hergott
Opposing-side Captain:   Harry Shipps
Weather and Field Conditions
Cold & Sunny. Light wind. Solid pitch conditions

General Pattern of Play
70% of all play was pick and go or pack centric pods off the breakdowns.

Detailed Report of Incident
Maccabi's was advancing in the attack and managed to get the ball out to the wing and were advancing down field with little defensive pressure. The breakaway run got past New London's wing and the drifting #5 (Sklanka) managed to get within tackling distance. The Tackle started high, stayed high, and eventually was completed all with #5's arm around the neck of the Maccabi player. I whistled immediately, stopped the clock, took names and issued a YC for the offense. The whole team knew the potential outcome the second I blew the whistle and they were collectively petitioning me "that they'd handle it." Unfortunately it was not the first high tackle offense in the match, and a card was necessary considering the level of play and that there was no attempt to move the tackle to a lower position or to release the ball carrier. The overall result was there were very few high tackles observed throughout the remainder of the match. The YC did not effect the overall outcome of this match. The offending player did show remorse and apologized to the the ball carrier.

  Crist Holveck
Date Submitted:
  11 November 2017