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Disciplinary Report for
Jule Cokavlbflinsh of Weymouth HS
Match Date: 12 April 2018

Location: Weymouth

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Loose Head (22)
Nature of Offense
dangerious play - yellow card

Teams and Results
Home:    Weymouth High School Boys Score    15
Visitor:   Catholic Memorial Score    17
Time into match of Incident:  
Score at Time:   (H)  3   (V)   5
Offending-side Captain:  Adam Maitznetli
Opposing-side Captain:   
Weather and Field Conditions
50F and fine

General Pattern of Play
CM pressing - Weymouth's HS first game of rugby

Detailed Report of Incident
The offense was a yellow card for not wrapping. CM 15 was running with the ball when H22 tried to tackle and did not wrap. CM15 fell injured but my initial impression was that stunned but he was OK. I called captain and offender and issued yellow. The CM Coach asked why it was not a red which is a fair question My assessment at the time was that it not deserve a red and thought about it overnight. I still think it was a yellow for a number of reasons - W22 used bad technique more than be deliberate (first rugby game) and CM15 dropped his head a little which means he made contact with W22 shoulder - causing the injury. I could see it go either way. One other comment, when the CM15 went down, it did not seem too serious. No one told me the EMT's came on the field behind my back to take care of CM15. That was the right thing to do. If I was aware that he has a possible concussion, it may have influenced my mind to give a red. As precaution, the EMT's took CM 15 in the ambulance. Normal procedure would have been that CM15 would not play on anyhow.

Recommendation - since this was Weymouth's first rugby game, they need to practice tackling technique so there is no discussion like this again

  Declan Boland
Date Submitted:
  13 April 2018