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Disciplinary Report for
Jason Spandow of University of Connecticut
Match Date: 14 April 2018

Location: Grauert Field

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
9.27 and 9.9 dissent, repeated infringement

Teams and Results
Home:    Fairfield University Score    39
Visitor:   University of Connecticut Score    15
Time into match of Incident:   28
Score at Time:   (H)  17   (V)   3
Offending-side Captain:  Austin
Opposing-side Captain:   Hunter
Weather and Field Conditions
Cool, sunny, cloudless day. Grass pitch was a bit soft due to overnight automatic sprinkler system doing unnecessary watering.

General Pattern of Play
Fairfield played simple, hard-nosed pattern, combining committed carries into contact with crisp, flat passes wide to space.

Detailed Report of Incident
Mr. Spandow, apparently operating under the dual misconceptions that: 1) any player who runs behind a teammate with nobody from the opposing team in a realistic chance to make a tackle is obstructing; and 2) someone other than the referee is the sole judge of fact and law, volunteered his opinion about the need for penalties when none were warranted. After my warning to his captain that Mr. Spandow should either keep quiet or face a sanction for his repeated dissent, Mr. Spandow opted for the sanction, which was a yellow card.

  Mark Stepsis
Date Submitted:
  14 April 2018