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Disciplinary Report for
Sean Nicholas of Norht Shore
Match Date: 28 April 2018

Location: Providence

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Lock (#4)
Nature of Offense
21.7 (a) Must Run from the Mark & 21.7.(d) Interference.

Player not retreating from the Penalty Kick mark and then interfering with actions immediately after the kick was taken to delay the attacking team.

Teams and Results
Home:    Providence Score    46
Visitor:   North Shore Score    40
Time into match of Incident:   38
Score at Time:   (H)  31   (V)   21
Offending-side Captain:  Tom
Opposing-side Captain:   Jerry
Weather and Field Conditions
It was played on a grass field that was a bit soggy from the previous night down-pour. It was one of the best rugby-days in April with temperatures in the low-70s, a decent amount of sun, and a lite breeze.

General Pattern of Play
Providence attacking at North Shore's 5m.

Detailed Report of Incident
At the 38th minute, Providence was attacking at the North Shore 5m. A North Shore player deliberately didn't roll-away and killed the ball.

Allowing for Providence to take quick advantage of the penalty, I let the quick tap happen instead of stopping play and applying sanction for a professional foul. Providence took the quick tap and the ball-carrier was immediately tackled by a North Shore player who didn't retreat at all.

Play was stopped, there was a conversation with the North Shore Captain regarding the entire incident, and the offending player (Red #4) was suspended (Yellow Card) for a professional foul (not retreating).

  Sean McKenna
Date Submitted:
  30 April 2018