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Disciplinary Report for
Mark Chandler of Boston Men's
Match Date: 30 June 2018

Location: Foley Stadium

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Referee Abuse

Teams and Results
Home:    Lowell Highlanders Score    26
Visitor:   Boston Score    21
Time into match of Incident:   14
Score at Time:   (H)  26   (V)   21
Offending-side Captain:  
Opposing-side Captain:   
Weather and Field Conditions
Very, very hot day.

General Pattern of Play
The match (between Lowell & Boston) was quite fast, on a short field. The match was filled with plenty of 50/50 situations, with some chippy behavior. Honestly, the heat did affect my judgment, so my decision-making process was sub-optimal, which probably contributed to the players' attitude with me

Detailed Report of Incident
With two minutes left in the match, Boston was down by 12 points and I issued a yellow card to Lowell because of a late hit. Boston took immediate advantage and scored a try to cut the lead to five points with a minute left. Boston had one last push to take the match until one of their players was tackled at midfield and landed on top of the ball. UMass-Lowell had a legitimate pouch opportunity, but the Boston player did not make the ball available, so I called a penalty. The ball carrier was very upset and started to swear at me. At first, the player called me a "f***ing retard," I replied saying that I heard his insults and he looked proud of himself for saying that to me, hence I issued a red card and abanded the match. The player continued to smirk at me after I left the pitch. On my way to the tournament director's tent, the Boston coach intercepted me and told me "I should not be refereeing because of my emotions." I report the incident to the tournament director, we walk together to the Boston players, where I pointed out the player, who continued to smirk at me while I explain this actions to the director and his teammates.

The tournament director disqualified the player from the tournament. The pride he took from insulting me should not be tolerated.

   Alexander Tolivaisa
Date Submitted:
  01 July 2018