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Disciplinary Report for
Marquise Baily of Old Gold
Match Date: 08 September 2018

Location: Moakley Park

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Punch thrown. Did not connect. Closed fist and intended for the other players face/head.

Teams and Results
Home:    Old Gold Score    24
Visitor:   Charles River Score    66
Time into match of Incident:   65
Score at Time:   (H)  24   (V)   40
Offending-side Captain:  Robby Deforge
Opposing-side Captain:   Zack Cox
Weather and Field Conditions
70, cloudy, dry

General Pattern of Play
Charles River controlling the game. Open and physical.

Detailed Report of Incident
Old gold was on defense in their own half. Old Gold #6 collided with the offensive Charles River player (unknown number or name) who had just let go of the ball making a pass. The 2 collided with a hard and legal impact. The Charles River player took exception to the hit and shoved Mr. Bailey away. Mr. Bailey then swung a closed fist punch intended for the CR player. It did not connect. I immediately blew play dead and gave Mr. Bailey a red card. He accepted the decision and walked off the field calmly.

After the game Mr. Bailey calmly approached me and indicated that the reason he threw the punch was because the CR player yelled a racial slur at him. I assured him that had I heard the slur, the CR player would have also received a red card. I also explained how (unfortunately as was the case here) the ref usually only sees the retaliation. It is unfortunate that he had to be removed from the game after he was subjected to that unacceptable behavior. But, he should not have thrown a punch, and while the punch did not connect the intent was clear.

Mr. Bailey also indicated he wanted to submit his own report of the incident so he may not be subjected to remarks of that nature any more. I agree with him and encouraged him to do so.

  Matt Freund
Date Submitted:
  08 September 2018