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Disciplinary Report for
Brendan Benway of New London
Match Date: 08 September 2018

Location: Clarks Lane Middle School

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
9.13 dangerous tackle

Teams and Results
Home:    New London County Score    52
Visitor:   Upper Valley Score    14
Time into match of Incident:   40
Score at Time:   (H)  40   (V)   7
Offending-side Captain:  Ken
Opposing-side Captain:   Jack
Weather and Field Conditions
cool, overcast, pretty perfect rugby weather

General Pattern of Play
NLC controlled the match, a lot of sloppy penalties on both sides, a few penalties for dangerous tackles but nothing obviously vicious.

Detailed Report of Incident
UV had a line break up near one side line and found space back in the middle of the field so the ball was moved to there, about 30 meters out from the touch line Mr. Benway came across the field to make play and the ball carrier lowered his body for contact resulting in Mr Benway grabbing the player around the back of the neck/upper shoulders to inhibit forward progress of the ball carrier. The tackle itself did not warrant a card as I did not feel it was reckless, nor did I feel there was any type of strike to the neck but with Upper Valley applying pressure and it only being relieved by foul play I felt the nature of the foul warranted a yellow card.

  Akira Do
Date Submitted:
  16 September 2018