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Disciplinary Report for
Filipo Bonzalto of AIC
Match Date: 29 September 2018

Location: NEC

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
1 - Repeated offense (hands in the ruck) 2 - Referee abuse

Teams and Results
Home:    New England College Score    45
Visitor:   American International College Score    6
Time into match of Incident:   38
Score at Time:   (H)  19   (V)   3
Offending-side Captain:  B. Novitzkas
Opposing-side Captain:   H Franklin
Weather and Field Conditions
Excellent - 68F sunny and full-size grass pitch.

General Pattern of Play
NEC dominating, AIC committing many mistakes and in a series of 3 repeated infringement at the breakdown when the incident occured.

Detailed Report of Incident
AIC's captain had been ward twice about his team 1 - putting their hands in the ruck; 2 - talking to the referee too much; Immediately after my last warning that it was going to be a card if that pattern continued (and after giving AIC's captain ample time to talk to his players), played restarted in AIC's 22 meters - NEC in possession. At the first ruck (which I called load and clear), Mr Bonzalto put and kept his hands on the ball, preventing NEC from recycling the ball quickly and move on. I blew the whistle, called Mr. Bonzalto and AIC's captain to explain this was going to be sin bin, and Mr. Bonzalto walked out telling me to "go f***" myself, which was not going to be tolerated, so I issued a red card. Mr. Bonzalto left the field without further incident.

  Antoine Galou
Date Submitted:
  01 October 2018