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Disciplinary Report for
Rick Gasber of Black River
Match Date: 13 October 2018

Location: Black River

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Foul Play

Teams and Results
Home:    Black River Score    36
Visitor:   Boston Ironsides Score    21
Time into match of Incident:   27
Score at Time:   (H)  0   (V)   0
Offending-side Captain:  Matt
Opposing-side Captain:   Christian
Weather and Field Conditions
sloppy, wet and cold

General Pattern of Play
forwards dominated, mostly clean up to this point

Detailed Report of Incident
With Black River within 10 meters of scoring the first points for either team, a tackle was made and a ruck was formed. All seemed fine until I saw a Black River player (#8 - Gasber) a few meters away from the ruck grab a Boston prop from behind with a WWF-style sleeper hold around the head and neck and wrestled him to the ground. A whistle was immediately blown and a yellow card instantly shown. Even the Black River captain nodded in agreement in the sanction, and the player left the field without dissent. Upon returning to the game, no other infractions were given to the player.

  Marcel Girouard
Date Submitted:
  13 October 2018