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Disciplinary Report for
Connor Roy of UMass - Dartmouth
Match Date: 13 October 2018

Location: Southwood Field 1215 Wilbraham Road Springfield, MA 01119

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
dangerous play - high tackle

Teams and Results
Home:    Western New England College Score    0
Visitor:   University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Score    39
Time into match of Incident:   74
Score at Time:   (H)  0   (V)   39
Offending-side Captain:  Lewis Saladino
Opposing-side Captain:   
Weather and Field Conditions
It had rained in the morning but had stopped by the time the match started and it ended up being a perfect day for rugby - sunny, clear, and cool. The grass pitch was lined purposed exclusively for rugby. It was in excellent shape though some large divots dug up as the ground was still soft from the rain.

General Pattern of Play
UMass Dartmouth were a larger, more physical side with strong runners in the midfield where they did the most damage on attack. However, as they grew tired, their tackling technique lapsed and high tackles started to occur more and more frequently. It was telling that UMass-Dartmouth did not score after their first yellow card with 20 minutes left to play and that WNEC was unable to score despite having one and two-man advantages over the same amount of time.

Detailed Report of Incident
After repeated penalties for high tackles and two yellow cards, the UMass-Dartmouth captain was warned that any further high tackles would result in a red card. In this instance, the offending player was pursuing a back to the perimeter and reached his arm out to the attacking player, wrapping it around the ball carrier's neck and wrenching the player backwards as the attacking player gained separation from the offending player. The offending player would have been yellow-carded for the offense but, due to repeated team penalties for dangerous play and after having been warned against any more high tackles, the offending player was given a red card.

  Thomas McNeil
Date Submitted:
  16 October 2018