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Disciplinary Report for
Brian Barrett of Tufts University
Match Date: 20 October 2018

Location: Alumni Stadium

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Number 8
Nature of Offense
9.9 Repeated Infringement by individual 9.28 Referee Abuse

Teams and Results
Home:    Boston College Score    55
Visitor:   Tufts University Score    5
Time into match of Incident:   30
Score at Time:   (H)  19   (V)   0
Offending-side Captain:  Trent Turner
Opposing-side Captain:   Brent August
Weather and Field Conditions
Mid 60's. Clear Day.

General Pattern of Play
One-sided affair. BC's backs controlled the action and Tufts could not stop their pace. The forwards' match was quite even.

Detailed Report of Incident
During the first thirty minutes, I did call Mr. Barrett for a couple of ruck infringements. He was unpleased by my decisions and was clearly upset, however, I let the outbursts slide, because I could tell he was new to the game. In the 30th minute, Mr. Barrett was guilty of his third infringement (not releasing the tackled player). I gave a PK to BC, but Mr. Barrett continued to verbally berate me. I assessed a chirping penalty and marched the mark 10 meters forwards. His teammates told him to stop, but he continued to scream at me; hence, I issued a Yellow Card. After issuing a Yellow Card, he told me to "Go to Hell," which turned the Yellow Card to a Red Card.

  Alec Tolivaisa
Date Submitted:
  20 October 2018