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Disciplinary Report for
Julie of Dartmouth
Match Date: 27 October 2018

Location: Dartmouth

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Barging, allowing the scrum to collapse.

Teams and Results
Home:    Dartmouth College Women Score    3
Visitor:   Harvard University Women Score    12
Time into match of Incident:   39
Score at Time:   (H)  5   (V)   3
Offending-side Captain:  
Opposing-side Captain:   
Weather and Field Conditions
Cold, windy, sleet, rain, snow.. we had it all.

General Pattern of Play
Very physical match. Back and forth play.

Detailed Report of Incident
Two scrums collapsed. At first, I thought it was the muddy conditions. I moved over to where the screen was collapsing and saw that Julie was barging the scram causing it to collapse. I gave her a warning. When it happened again I penalized Dartmouth. When it happened the third time Julie was yellow carded. She understood what it happened. Scrums did not collapse after yellow and a sub for Dartmouth.

  Tom Beriau
Date Submitted:
  28 October 2018