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Disciplinary Report for
Dylan Booth of Roger Williams 1st Men's
Match Date: 28 October 2018

Location: Bentley University Athletic Facilities 450 Beaver Street Waltham, MA 02452

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
repeated offsides

Teams and Results
Home:    Roger Williams University Score    31
Visitor:   Bentley University Score    12
Time into match of Incident:   30
Score at Time:   (H)  26   (V)   7
Offending-side Captain:  Brendan O'Connel
Opposing-side Captain:   Dalton Chaffee
Weather and Field Conditions
Cool and overcast and slightly damp as a result of the previous day's heavy rains. The pitch was a multi-purposed artificial surface, mostly dedicated to American football, which brought with it the usual confusion with lines, posts, etc., but Bentley took the care to clearly demarcate touch lines and the in-goal areas with white tape and flags/field markers.

General Pattern of Play
Bentley was clearly the more experienced and superior team. They held the majority of possession and attacked with great variety through the backs. However, Bentley's tackling technique deteriorated as the match wore on, resulting in several high tackle penalties, a yellow card, and two red cards. It was telling that Bentley scored only a single try in the second half as a result of the penalties and being undermanned. Roger Williams had their own issues with indiscipline, particularly with being offsides in the first half, but they were the more composed team in the second half and benefited from the captain's strong leadership.

Detailed Report of Incident
The Roger Williams flanker repeatedly lined up offsides at the fringe of the breakdown and in the midfield as Roger Williams's defense was under pressure from the opposition attack inside the defensive 22 metre line. The offending player was warned and identified more than once during the course of play and the captain was warned about that individual player and the defense in general being offsides. Nonetheless, the offending player once again lined up offsides and was sanctioned with a yellow card.

  Thomas McNeil
Date Submitted:
  29 October 2018