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Disciplinary Report for
Kira Garrity of St. Michael's College
Match Date: 03 November 2018

Location: Roger Williams

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Repeated team infringement

Teams and Results
Home:    Roger Williams University Women Score    0
Visitor:   Saint Michael's College Women Score    39
Time into match of Incident:   56
Score at Time:   (H)  0   (V)   34
Offending-side Captain:  Annie
Opposing-side Captain:   Lauren
Weather and Field Conditions
Extremely wet natural grass field.

General Pattern of Play
St. Michael's in control, and with most of the possession and territory. When they were playing defense St. Michael's did struggle to be legal in the breakdown and on sides.

Detailed Report of Incident
Midway through the first half I spoke to the St. Michael's captain about the number of defensive penalties they were giving up in the breakdown, despite having most of the possession. St. Michael's retained the ball for most of the remainder of the half, and it seemed the issue had cleared itself up. In the second half possession was more even, and I again spoke with the St. Michael's captain about the number of penalties I was calling the breakdown against them. Almost immediately after Ms. Garrity completed a tackle, but failed to roll away, killing Roger Williams' ball. I blew the play dead, spoke with the St. Michael's captain again and showed Ms. Garrity a yellow card. She returned to the game after ten minutes and completed the match with no further issues.

  Nick Hildebidle
Date Submitted:
  04 November 2018