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Match Report for

Harvard University Women (1st) vs. Dartmouth College Women (1st)
07 October 2017

Location: Mignone Field, Harvard

Harvard University Women: 10    Dartmouth College Women: 39

Harvard hosted Dartmouth on Mignone Field in what promised to be a good match up between two Ivy Varsity teams. The first half showed both teams keeping the ball close in, moving it up the fields using their forwards. Dartmouth was able to do that more successfully, having better ball retention than Harvard, and put up 17 points in the first half. The second half showed more ball movement as both teams felt more comfortable moving the ball wide. Dartmouth again proved to be the better team at doing this, as Harvard struggled to maintain possession with any consistency. Final score Harvard 10 (2 T) vs Dartmouth 39 (7T, 2 C). Thanks to both teams for an entertaining game. Thanks to Peter and Sean for making a very elite AR squad for the match.

Referee: Anna McMahan