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Match Report for

Lasell College (1st) vs. Curry College (1st)
01 October 2017

Location: Lasell College, Newton MA

Lasell College: 7    Curry College: 45

Game was forfeited by Lasell College 1/2 way through the second half. Lasell began the game with 13 players due to unavailable players. After an additional injury, Lasell asked Curry to play a man down to maintain the 2 man advantage Curry had, they agreed. However 1/2 way though the second half, a Lasell player and Curry player collided heads along the sideline, necessitating both to go off. Rather than play with 11 players, Lasell elected to forfeit the match. Prior to the forfeit, the match was chippy and there were numerous 'overly aggressive' infractions by both teams. It was not a clean game, players made obvious penalties and argued despite the obvious and severe nature of the infractions. I pulled both Captains aside at different points and warned them that players would be sent off rather than the game deteriorate into a sport barely recognizable as rugby. To their credit they were able to somewhat real in their teams to play a relatively decent brand of rugby for the time on the field.

Referee: Danny Saccoccio