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Match Report for

Bennington (1st) vs. Berkshire (1st)
07 October 2017

Location: Beech Field, Bennington

Bennington: 17    Berkshire: 53

With both teams lacking a full compliment of players, a modified game of 11-a-side was proposed so a game could actually take place. The game kicked off 15 minutes late while trying to allow maximum time for players to arrive. Dropping the flankers and the blind-side winger, and a 30min half was agreed upon by both teams (eventually).

Berkshire scored right from the kick-off, showing intent from the first whistle to use their youthful pace.

Despite keeping the scoreboard ticking over, Berkshire were prone to chronic 'chippiness' during what would usually be played as rec/exhibition game. Berkshire seemed aggrieved at every decision that went against them, and were marched back ten yards on multiple occasions.

Bennington were prone to some sloppy rucking a times, and Berkshire was a big fan of the "hoof/chase" into the open areas afforded by the reduced number of players.

For all the niggles and gamesmanship, the match was mostly uneventful.

Referee: Pete Annely