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Match Report for

Lasell College vs.
08 April 2018

Location: Lasell College

Lasell College: 0    : 0

This was a quick one. 10 games total. We were able to stretch and handle with 2 referees. It was a chilly day, but the sun poked out every once in a while.

The day was positive and everyone just wanted to play. The lining on the pitch was a bit confusing, but the home team stated that they were fortunate to get the space, so we all made it work.

One team did not show up, but luckily UNH brought a B-side so they just took that slot and the brackets were mostly unaffected.

Some of the teams seemed slightly unfamiliar with sevens, but eager to learn. There were some teams that had quite a bit of experience, so made for some mismatches. There were still quite a few very competitive games throughout the day.

Nichols College ended up the winner by default, as UNH had already qualified in a previous tournament. Solid day of rugby!