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Match Report for

Oliver Ames (1st) vs. Wilbraham & Monson Academy (1st)
12 May 2018

Location: Locker Rooms Open Inside for Changing, and private bathrooms upstairs as well. Parking available in lot in front of the turf field.

Oliver Ames: 10    Wilbraham & Monson Academy: 80

An experienced WMA side played incredibly well against a side from Oliver-Ames that has a very young team that has only one game under their belt. It was raining all match and that contributed to many knock ons by both sides. The match was one sided, but OA never gave up, there were some unnecessary penalties due to inexperience. However, there were no fights, no cards, and anger never spilled onto the pitch which is more likely to happen in one sided matches. WMA is well coached and well disciplined and has a lot of talented players. OA has a lot of potential and talent, with more experience they can rival any team. Both teams had respect for each other, the referee, and the game.

Referee: Mike McConnell