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Match Report for

Fairfield University (1st) vs. Tufts University (1st)
06 October 2018

Location: Fairfield U

Fairfield University: 29    Tufts University: 12

Tufts controlled the first 30 minutes of the match using strong pack play to starve Fairfield of possession, however they were unable to execute inside the FF 22 and in counter attack FF #10 and #8 scored 2 trys (1C).

Tufts continued to dominate possession and Fairfield's s penalty count started to climb under pressure eventually resulting in a penalty try from a defender being completely isolated and committing a high tackle.

In the second half FF continued to have difficulty slowing the tufts pack from moving the ball up the field but their backline was clearly the bigger, stronger, faster more experienced unit, gaining large chunks of yards on kick returns and completely shutting down any ball movement past the tufts #12. The tufts pack and the fiarfield backline exchanged trys, but the continued backline pressure resulted in two trys for the FF back line. Fairfields pack had more experienced subs and as the game progressed the tufts advantage up front quickly diminished.

This game was a pleasure to referee, what began as a match where the teams were having difficulty achieving a standard of play expected at the d1a level evolved in the second half with excellent on-field leadership in to a fast paced, hard hitting thrilling affair

Referee: Akira Do