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Match Report for

Wesleyan College (1st) vs. Amherst College (1st)
03 November 2018

Location: The best address to navigate to is Long Lane Farm. The pitch is across from the farm, and parking is by the farm or on the other side of the pitch off of Wadsworth street. The pitch itself is at the corner of Wadsworth Street and Long Lane.

Wesleyan College: 7    Amherst College: 31

After a rainy Friday leading up to the match we had a nice sunny day. It was a bit windy. Wesleyan has a beautiful, well marked pitch, which despite the rain only had a couple of puddles and footing was generally good. A well played match between two well coached sides that was closer than the score would indicate. Amherst's more experienced pack took control of the match as it went on. Wesleyan was a younger side and played a spirited game but a picked off pass that was returned for a try plus a few missed tackles led to Amherst scoring 5 tries (3 conv). Wesleyan fought hard to the final whistle and their efforts were rewarded with a try on the last play of the game. Both teams were a pleasure to work with.

Referee: Tom Tani