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Smith College (Smith) vs. MIT Women (MIT)
14 April 2012

Location: Smith College

Smith College: 32    MIT Women: 3

Spectactular warm spring day at Smith College's dedicated rugby pitch.

The game was dominated early on by Smith College's hard running forwards. MIT soon foound itself moving backwards which led to a number of infractions for entering the rucks from the side and laying on the ball-- often unintentionlly.

MIT played on bravely and showed great still in tackling and at times mounted some impressive counter attacks nearly resulting in trys. This even after having lost a player to injury and being forced to play one down.

Some inexperience led to players questioning calls that I had been playing advantage to, or in one case, actually asked me to watch the "hands in" that I had actually just blown the whistle and had my arm raised for.

Regardless of some minor in-experience, both teams showed remarkable sports(wo)manship and fair play. It was a hard game that surely benefited both teams. Coaches on both sides were very professional, supportive, and positive.

Referee: Vic Thomas